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Piggy Smalls is a hip, relaxed restaurant offering creative Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle dishes, pho & other eats. Casual restaurant with a short yet good beverage menu. This global-inspired café, the sister restaurant of the famed Pig & the Lady, provides a tailored beverage menu to compliment its family-style breakfast, lunch, and supper options. You’ll find crafted mixed adult beverages like the Summer Breeze, a refreshingly sweet cocktail made with Hawaii shochu, fresh watermelon, and hellfire bitters, or the smoky Play with Fire, made with bonded bourbon whiskey, peach, charred lemon, and fresh orange juice, in addition to beer, wine, and house-made non-alcoholic beverages. 

The slushy of the month, on the other hand, is a rotating, house-made slushy combined with your choice of tequila, vodka, gin, or rum. So, make a reservation online, over the phone, or walk-in! Piggy Smalls is the second restaurant from The Pig & The Lady’s award-winning chef Andrew Le and his team. In line with Andrew’s culinary philosophy, this new incarnation will have a distinct and diversified cuisine that will differ from the flagship restaurant in Chinatown. Piggy Smalls is a sit-down restaurant that serves supper and brunch (on weekends). It has a whimsical bar menu and a dessert menu that includes a slushie and soft serve program that will grow its plethora of flavors. 

Piggy Smalls’ goal is to become a staple and eating attraction for Kaka’ako growing urban centers. Dine at the Ward Village Shops. Spend your Sunday brunch with your family and dog or relax in their outside dining area. The Pig and The Lady spin-off Piggy Smalls at Ward Centre. The menu includes pastas, noodle dishes (such as vegan pho), banh mi sandwiches, and family-style platters such as grilled branzino amandine and roasted chicken. When discussing cuisine in Honolulu, you can’t avoid mentioning The Pig and The Lady, a renowned pop-up that opened five years ago. People talk about its farmers market booth or the new informal location in Ward Village. In any case, you must taste a piggy meal when visiting the islands. So, this is one of the best bars Honolulu has to offer.

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