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Pinehurst Pub Seattle, Guide & Review

A place to go for good times, good music, an amazing community, and great Seattle vibes. Pub grub and breakfast in a basic sports lounge with TV screens, pool tables, and a digital jukebox. Great neighborhood dive bar for trivia Tuesdays, a quick eat, a quicker pint, and very friendly service. Pinehurst Pub is a neighborhood tavern/pub located on the main street running through Pinehurst. Pinehurst is a great place to find community. 

Pinehurst Pub features very helpful & responsive bartenders; delicious food freshly prepared and served hot – the blackened chicken caesar salad and blackened chicken sandwich with fries was amazing; pretty good vibe; kind and personable bar staff – Really awesome level headed staff that are able to be positive while still keeping the peace if anyone gets out of hand; weekly trivia and karaoke nights to spice things up; great music; several TV sets around the place to watch sporting events; lots of tables and chairs for seating; a jukebox; pool table; beautiful friendly & welcoming people; and delish strong variety of drinks that are reasonably priced. You’ll always have a good time there with the staff – who are always very friendly. When the weather is good, grab a seat on the patio and enjoy it even more. They have rotating local beers on tap at reasonable prices plus a good selection in bottles.

If you’ve ever skipped this bar – think twice and go. It’s a magical place. A good spot in the neighborhood to hang out, you can have a lively evening with friends or sit and have a beer in peace. It’s indeed a great dive bar to sit back and unwind. Nice neighborhood pub where you can go after work to unwind and usually not have to listen to loud drama.

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