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Pink Rabbit Bar Portland, Guide & Review

Pink Rabbit opens its doors for you from Sunday to Monday in their bar and kitchen. It is an elegant and sophisticated setup for you to grab your drinks at. They focus on ingredients a lot to create an elevated experience. The place is fun, hip, and quirky. With pink neon signs and walls, some fun printed wallpapers and posters, and the blue velvet booths, the ambiance puts you in a good mood. 

The cocktail menu, shaped like a mixtape, has classic options, frozen, some bright and refreshing ones, and others that are more dark and brooding. You take your pick. Ranging between $10 to $15, the prices are the same as those you will find around you but with a more tasty glass. There are also a few beer and wine options, although they are limited. Want some nuts or fries or nachos with your drink? Order up! If your stomachs are growling, then you might want to order up a main dish like the pad thai. The place does have a touch of Asian flavors. 

Like many other bars in the area, the place also has designed its beanies, pins, sweatshirts, and t-shirts you can buy. Just ask the bartender. The experience is sensory, and they focus on sustainability quite a lot while running the place. You will feel warm and welcome as soon as you set foot inside. It is inclusive and welcomes all who want to try it. You will see an actual pink rabbit painted on one of the walls!


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