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At Pins Mechanical Co, craft cocktails are served in an industrial space with duckpin bowling, pinball & other classic games. It is a social destination featuring duckpin bowling, dozens of classic pinball machines & many more ‘old schools’ entertainment options, along with high-quality cocktails and craft beers served daily. Go Play! Why we love it: Duckpin bowling combined with a fantastic beer, excellent companions, and a late-night food truck feast equals a pretty incredible night. Pins Mechanical Co. is an excellent spot to gather a large party even if you don’t intend to bowl. What to get: At Pins, I can order whatever I want: they always have fantastic beers on tap and some delicious cocktails. Because I’m a bourbon fan, I recommend the Brown Derby, prepared with Four Roses whiskey, honey, and grapefruit juice. 

What more could you want than beer, fire pits, a lovely patio setting, and games? Pins have a fantastic outdoor layout, which is why it’s so popular. Not only is there bowling indoors, but there are also activities like Jenga, patio pong, and table tennis outdoors. Furthermore, the enjoyable atmosphere is ideal for spending time with friends or family. Pins does not have a kitchen, although some locations (including Easton and Dublin) offer food trucks on-site. Every day. Pins Mechanical Company was founded to provide a social gathering space that brings people together via non-traditional/playful activities. Pins combines ‘Old School’ entertainment, inventive handmade cocktails, and regional craft beer to reimagine how time should be spent with friends, whether it’s duckpin bowling, pinball, bocce, or old arcade games. 

The vibe is retro-industrial, with an emphasis on comfort for prolonged stays. Pins caters to individuals searching for an alternative to the mundane, with a name taken from the pins of duckpin, the nostalgia of pinball, and the retro mechanic’s attitude of our workforce. The brand caters to a wide range of demographics, from bar-going veterans to young open-minded, beer-centric types to gaming beginners and fanatics; the nostalgic and lighthearted ambiance appeals to all sorts of gamers. The laid-back and trendy alternative to a night out has come. So, this is one of the best bars Columbus has to offer you. If you are in town, you should visit this venue at least once. Go with your family, friends, or loved ones for a fun, lovely, and memorable time! Their entertainment services make them one of the most fun bars in the city!

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