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Pins Social Club is a lively, spacious bar offering deli sandwiches & burgers, plus bowling lanes, table games & Karaoke. PINS is about having a good time, severe and genuine fun. We’ve returned to socializing to its former glory when a night out was more than simply some drinks at the bar, but an experience, an actual event. PINS is all about interacting with one another honestly, and we provide a variety of alternatives to make your night stand out. PINS is revolutionizing your night out by infusing fun and engaging experience into Liverpool‘s up-and-coming Duke Street. We have everything from rooftops to bowling lanes, Karaoke, shuffleboards, and ping pong. We have it all, from first-rate meals to the finest beverages. 

PINS is for everyone. There are no limits. It’s your purpose-built playland where you can connect and interact via experience. Go to Pins Social Club on Duke Street to elevate your night out. From day to night, this spot serves up banging brunches with flowing beverages and a beautiful range of activities like bowling and shuffleboard. PINS Social Club is the place to go if you want a good time, and we’re talking about real fun. They are more than simply a location to have a drink; they are also a venue for an exclusive evening event. PINS is all about offline socializing and revolutionizing your night out. They have an excellent range of activities, from bowling to shuffleboard, beer pong to pool. Not to mention their excellent cuisine, which includes pizzas, burgers, and roasts. 

The drinks flow, the beer flows, and the music never stops all night. PINS is for everyone, and everyone may connect and interact via socializing. We reserved bowling, snooker, food, drinks, and Karaoke, as well as live music and a trip to the roof garden, which was fantastic. We had a fantastic time. We had a great time! Most people were surprised when the Director joined in on the Karaoke. PINS is the ideal location for your company’s night out. The employees were excellent, and the location was entertaining yet elegant, spacious, and well-planned. Jen (our PINS contact) couldn’t do enough for us from the moment we booked the event until the day after. So, PINS Social Club is one of the best bars in the city! If you are in Liverpool, we recommend you to visit this spot at least once!

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