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Planet Rose New York, Guide & Review

Hands down, Planet Rose is an awesome Karaoke Bar in New York. Really cool-looking place with zebra print couches, and string lights on the ceiling. The karaoke here is made for a fun time with friends and even if you don’t wanna go up there and do a solo, you can always sing along and just have a good time. At Planet Rose Karaoke is available for laughs and entertainment. It’s a legit karaoke spot guaranteed for good times.  Even with the abundance of private karaoke rooms around New York City, there are plenty of people who prefer a more communal environment. At Planet Rose, they sing their favorite songs from zebra print booths and dance along as strangers perform on faded checkered floors.

Not only is the Karaoke itself a good time, but also the venue has super interesting folx in the kind of hyped-up atmosphere that can only be created by a bunch of people. Planet Rose features an electric crowd, a friendly crowd, awesome and friendly bartenders, a great vibe, a living room feel, comfy seating, and a huge selection of songs. At Planet Rose there’s happy hour pricing is good for both beers and mixed drinks

Planet Rose, of course, isn’t the only bar of its kind. Plenty of New York venues host communal karaoke nights that are beloved by patrons and hosts alike. This  Karaoke lounge is cheap, cheerful and a perfect blend of drunk people having fun and people who can truly belt out a tune. Don’t shy, zoom by Planet Rose.

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