Plenty Of Fish, A Simple Review

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? Well, in the dating world, it might seem like there are, but they’re not all good fish. In this dating pool, you will find piranhas, sharks, and anchovies, all of which are best avoided. But on Plenty of Fish, this can be avoided.

I know that may sound too optimistic for most people, but I’ve given it a try, and I can honestly say I didn’t regret it. What I especially like about Plenty of Fish is how they’ve integrated millennial terms and structures into their dating app yet held on to traditional individual values.

Sure, you can find plenty of people looking for hook-ups, but you will also find people looking for a deeper connection if that’s what you want. 

Why Should You Choose It?

If you are tired of paying a premium to use dating apps, then Plenty of Fish is the app for you. There is no sign-up or registration cost. Moreover, there are no hidden costs that will suddenly jump up at you in the middle of your dating experience. 

With over 3 million active users daily, Plenty of Fish lives up to its name. You are sure to find like-minded individuals on this app, whether you are looking just for a casual one night stand, a serious relationship, or just friendship. 

The user interface is also simple but quite detailed. You choose to browse profiles based on different aspects, such as browsing through the profiles of newest members, members online, and your matches. You can also find a section to view the profiles of people who have visited your profile. Go on, check out the fishes who were checking you out!

Moreover, there is an analytics section where you can review the choices you have made in the past. This lets you see a trend in your dating behavior and patterns and better understand your own dating style. 

Another excellent element offered by Plenty of Fish is the fact that there is a voice calling option on the app itself. This can provide relief to many who would like to talk to their matches but might not want to exchange phone numbers. 

Finally, you will have a chance to take two tests on this app- a chemistry test and a relationship test. Wait, don’t scroll away yet! It’s not the kind of chemistry you did in school! This chemistry test will help the app understand your needs and wants from a relationship, thus allowing you to find better matches. 

Your chemistry test results are open to view on your profile, so other users can go through it to understand you better. 

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

Plenty of Fish is one of the few dating apps which is free. Of course, as I will tell you about later, there is a paid membership, but essentially, you don’t need it. The free account lets you do everything you want to on a paid profile, so most people choose not to take the extra cost.

I’d say the USP about this dating app is its chemistry and relationship test. Yes, I know that other dating apps also have short quizzes and questionnaires designed to help the app (and users) understand you better. However, this chemistry test is short, fun, and very intuitive. 

Furthermore, the analytics section is something I enjoyed going through to get an idea of my dating trends.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like any other dating app, you will have two options on Plenty of Fish. One is the free option, where you can search for profiles, make matches, and communicate with them. The second option is a paid subscription, which offers you upgraded features. 

First, let me tell you about the cost breakup, and then I will tell you more about the features. 

3 Month $35.40 or $11.80 per month

6 Months $51.00 or $8.50 per month

12 Months $81.36 or $6.78 per month

However, I must mention that to upgrade to a premium membership. You will first have to go through their 25 question relationship test. The added benefit you will get by upgrading to a premium membership is that your profile will sport a Gold Star. How does this help? Well, according to Plenty of Fish, it doubles your chances of getting a match!

Making a Profile

Making a profile on this app is straightforward. There is not much to talk about here, other than the fact that it is simplistic and easy to follow, and honestly won’t take up too much of your time. 

Best Features

I noticed that this app has many additional features that I didn’t find in other apps. I have decided to dedicate a section to this:

  1. Priority Inbox

Is there one particular fish who has caught your eye? Wondering how to get their attention amongst dozens of other users in their inbox? Use priority inbox to get featured at the top of their inbox. 

  1. Is Your Love Interest a Keeper? Test

A 28-question quiz that helps you assess whether or not the fish you like is worth keeping in your pool. There are two versions of this test- one for males and another for females. 

  1. Relationship Chemistry Predictor

More of an in-depth personality test scored on f aspects: 

  • Self-confidence
  • Family orientation
  • Self-control
  • Social dependency/openness
  • Easygoingness

These test results allow you to better understand your potential fish before you even begin a conversation with them. 

  1. Relationship Needs Assessment

A very intuitive test which reveals to you what your inner desires and needs are from a relationship. 

  1. What You Want in a Relationship test

Like the previous test, this one also helps you understand what you want and look for in a relationship. 

Matching With Someone

There are quite a few options on Plenty of Fish to match other ‘fishes.’ You can browse through user profiles to find a fish you like. Send them a message, a flirt, or a wink, and get the conversation started. 

The relationship and chemistry tests are designed to help you find the right matches, so I’d recommend that you fill them up with all honesty. 


  1. Completely free to use; paid subscription is affordable
  2. Plenty of users 
  3. Outstanding relationship and chemistry test
  4. Easy to understand user interface
  5. No hidden costs
  6. In-depth understanding of your dating history and trends
  7. Priority Inbox feature is excellent 
  8. Have an option to view profiles of those who have visited tour profile 


  1. Since it is free, you may find plenty of scammers too 
  2. Ads may be annoying 

Final Verdict

Honestly, I think this app is worth your time, as long as you’re just browsing and not looking for something super serious. But then again, plenty of people have found serious relationship via this app, so you never know, you might find your luck too.

Since the app is entirely free, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, especially if you have some time to kill. Overall, I would give this app a thumbs up and recommend it to those looking to find their very own fish in this large, dating sea.

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