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Popworld Glasgow is a Vibrant bar with a glitter ball, mirrored tiling, and retro-style disco music, mainly from the 80s. Popworld is a late-night bar with a twist: they’re cheese with a twist! You’ll be greeted by their friendly bartenders and will spend the night with other fun-loving folks. They play all of the cheesy pop songs that their clients like to hear and a beautiful selection of fun party beverages to make your night POPTASTIC! Decked out with vibrant colors, dangling disco balls, and neon lights, Popworld is a seriously quirky cocktail bar in Glasgow‘s city center. Shimmy over to dance to cheesy tunes, get dressed up in retro wigs, and sip wild drinks that come with sparklers. Popworld is the place to go for a cheesy pop night out. 

You’ll discover a colorful dance floor, booming brilliant colors, retro wigs, spectacles, and inflatables to enhance your excitement while you’re here. Music is a combination of the finest cheese-laden songs from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, as well as some oldies. Popworld is the ideal venue for a cheesy flashback in the city for every event, from corporate party evenings to hen and stag parties. The perfect way to cap off a fun night with the Mad pub crawl, our favorite spot! The arena looks magnificent, and the energy around it is palpable. The music is fun and upbeat, with a colorful dance floor and decorations that fit the pop world’s nostalgic theme. I can’t wait to see my friend! Amazing night out. All the personnel are friendly and enjoy their jobs, dancing all night while serving drinks. I adored it!! 

The music was classy, and the drinks, especially the gigantic gumball ones, were delicious. My friends and I will surely return to get our fill of Pop!! The most incredible place in Glasgow for a fun night out! Everyone was having a terrific time dancing! NIAL is unquestionably the finest DJ! 100% Popworld faithful! Best night out in Glasgow! Niall, the DJ, is fantastic and always plays the finest music! The drinks are great, and the ambiance is lovely! Niall always gets the party started! I would recommend 10/10. Well, Halloween was quite the night. What a fun night, I loved being able to spend the night on the dance floor with every tune and more I could wish for. Definitely be back soon for another night of cheesy tunes and great drinks.

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