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PortuCale Restaurant & Bar New Jersey, Guide & Review

Great cocktail spot in New Jersey. PortuCale Restaurant & Bar is a family owned and run restaurant serving authentic regional Portuguese food. They believe in using the highest quality products, fresh, local and seasonal.They serve great wines, and coffee. Their food is made with love, just like you would have experienced at Grandma’s house. They hope that you’ll have an incredible dining experience. Watch your favorite sporting events in their lounge that’s complete with large-screen TVs. All special sporting events are televised in their lounge areas. They also have food and drink specials during these events. This is more of a bar atmosphere with comfortable chairs and a large bar. You can watch the TVs from any angle. It’s a perfect place to catch a drink and wait for a table.

Portuguese cuisine is a prime example of the Mediterranean diet. It uses many common ingredients such as olive oil, tomatoes, union, garlic, and wine. Portuguese dishes are made more interesting because of the emphasis on seafood and the use of ingredients from Portugal’s former colonies throughout the world. Rice from the Orient, hot peppers from Africa Cinnamon, cloves and ginger from India, and the New World products of potatoes, tomatoes and cod from Newfoundland find their way into many classic dishes. 

PortuCale Restaurant & Bar features beautiful peaceful outdoor seating; delicious food – excellent seafood; exquisite dining fare; great sangria; great customer service & attentive service;; great daily specials; amazing garlic sauce; wonderful appetizers; child friendly; awesome outdoor patio; ample parking space; generous portions; and the menu is reasonably priced for the quality of food that you get. Authenticity and taste are the main staples. The dessert menu is absolutely out of this world. Highly recommended checking out for a great experience in New Jersey.

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