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Proabition Bar Riverside, Guide & Review

Prohibition is a luxury cocktail bar and nightclub dedicated to providing a positive, fun, and enjoyable atmosphere for the public. Live D.J.s will provide entertainment, while bottle service packages are available for VIP tables. They focus on providing a positive and fun environment for our customers while maintaining a certain professional level of service. Whether you want to come to have a solo night out or have a private party in our lounge, enjoy delicious drinks or just sit back and relax in good company, They’ve got you covered.


When the concept of a Proabition -era-themed whiskey lounge and kitchen was conjured up for the historic downtown community of Riverside, it was envisioned as a classic yet contemporary place for all to come and enjoy. “The classics resonate in our cocktails, decor, and nightly entertainment, while the contemporary shines through our carefully crafted menu that fuses international flavors.

The difficulty of harmonizing contrasting qualities in our restaurant underscores the challenging task of encapsulating this concept in a single word or symbol. So They decided to do both, i.e., BAN. The upside-down A in our’ word game’ is a mathematical symbol meaning ‘for all. They find this to be quite appropriate because mathematics is a universal language understood and spoken by everyone in Earth’s nature, music, and space.


Combining classic cocktails, decor, and entertainment with a modern menu in a place everyone wants to enjoy, Proabition invites you to raise a glass to celebrate old standards and create new ones.

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