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The Public bar occupies the gents’ toilet in the area below the Sheffield town hall. A well-curated experience, it is like stepping into a Wes Anderson film. It is a table service bar with vinyl records playing in the background as you sip your cocktail. Their food plates are shareable and cheeky as well. What adds to the name is that they’ve been named the best bar in the UK in 2018. Open every day except Mondays; it is open till 3 am on the weekends!
The place can be missed easily if you don’t look at the sign on top of the stairs. It mainly consists of booths for sitting as the bar area is small. You can order from your table and not jam elbows into those sitting at the bar. The bar has seats for 40 people in total. The booths are a gemstone-like teal velvet color with a black table with gold trim all around the edges. The walls are deep green, and the bar has soft pink tiles on its sides and a black top. A few tiles on the walls have an antique and well-worm feel that adds to this place’s history. All these elements make it look like a speakeasy in the heart of Sheffield.
They specialize in cocktails and have 25 recipes on their hand-bound menu. It is divided into four sections: aperitivo, long drinks, public health, and our favorite spirits. Each of these drinks has its place in the pantheon of cocktails. Their twists on classics are an ode to the saying, ‘ part of moving on is to look back. Like the ‘Tequila Sunrise’ is a classic which they have modified into ‘Midnight in Mexico’. They have changed it from morning wake-up to nighttime pick-me-up drink that will make you stay up. If you plan on visiting over the weekend, head down early, or you won’t get a seat.
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