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Puckers Sports Grill Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great spot to have awesome cocktails in Gatlinburg? Head to Puckers Sports Grill! Mouthwatering, chef driven menu items and sports. Is there a better combo? Playing non-stop sports on 12 HDTVs, Puckers is your go-to destination for NFL and college game days, pay-per-view events, and more in Gatlinburg. Puckers Sports Grill was created with the aim to create a laid-back space where people could enjoy a night out with friends or a casual date over good food and drinks. No frills sports bar known for drinks, karaoke & American bar food like cheese fries and pickle chips. Great little spot with good food and cold beer. 

Puckers Sports Grill features friendly and welcoming staff; reasonably priced delicious food; very casual atmosphere; phenomenal burgers; pool table and darts; a lot of TVs to watch your favourite game; great ambiance; awesome DJ; outstanding service; fun musicians; great friendly & welcoming people; great music; and very sweet & attentive bartenders. Great for late night eats. It’s a bar so not a family dining environment, but great for couples who want good food in a relaxed setting. It’s such a wonderful place to have a Pitcher of beer with great Bar food and amazing outside seating to watch the strip. Food is outstanding and in very huge portions. 

All in all a fabulous place to grab a beer, nice to sit outside and relax. They take pride in their wings which is why they marinade them for 24 hours. An all-around awesome spot and probably the best in Gatlinburg. Highly recommended checking out for an amazing experience in Gatlinburg.

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