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Racers Pub Bar Riverside, Guide & Review

Great place to go; it’s almost a dive bar with nice bartenders. The clientele consists of bikers and blue-collar workers, so if you’re one or both, you’ll definitely fit in. Like most dive bars, it may not be for everyone, but we are sure you will absolutely love it!

Great sports bar, come shoot pool (they have three massive pool tables), Video golf Classic slot machine and darts. Bluetooth jukebox for music fans. So download the app and select the music, and it will play. (The app takes the card). Not sure how many T.V.s they have, but it is a sports bar so there will definitely be a handful. 

Schooners are served in really large sizes here (appox,. 32 oz), but they have normal sizes for people, like a 16 oz. and even a 12 oz. aluminum bottle. They also have tall 25 oz cans. And the beer is always super cold. The only way beer should be made.

The atmosphere is very open and breezy because it is kind of a sit-down type of deal. After you’ve had a drink, of course. The girls here are very nice and sassy! Always go the extra mile to make their customers feel at home. 

They have a restroom area at the very back right of the bar. Two, of course, for both males and females. 

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