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Recess is your local pub in the 4th Street Market, and the bartenders are as informed as they are enthusiastic about their profession. They’ve matured from the Playground (formerly Detention) cocktail program and are ready to amaze you with fantastic cocktails, artisan beers on tap, and even a wine match for your meal from one of the 4th Street Market eateries. Of course, you’re invited to join them at the bar and enjoy your favorite beverage with some of our bar food. In the 4th Street Market, Recess is Detention (previously Playground), DTSA’s artisan cocktail and beer bar. Enjoy house-made cocktails, artisanal sodas and beers, and wines the Detention team chooses. Sit at the bar or stroll out onto the award-winning patio to savor libations made by 2014’s Bartender of the Year, Jarred Dooley, while sampling varietal nibbles and live entertainment. 

Recess is essentially a full bar. The ambiance is a stainless steel long bar with TVs. The people were pleasant, and there was food nearby. Jennifer was quite pleasant. She had recently returned from Vietnam, where my buddy resides. They exchanged phone numbers and hugs. The globe has gotten so international that it is simple to keep in touch with people worldwide. I would have no problem returning to Recess and having a beer and snack. I’ll make sure I don’t go to Mar for the shitty poke. My friends and I were having dinner in Downtown Santa Ana and having a good time, so we wanted to get in a few more drinks. We ended up at Recess. They are a well-stocked bar area, and Chance, our lovely Bartender, was knowledgeable and friendly. 

We had a few rounds of shots!! Some Siete Leguas Blanco ($10/each), some Fernet ($8/each), and then depending on our individual preferences, beer or cocktails. I am definitely in the cocktail category. I asked Chance to make me something tasty with lychee!! Recess uses my favorite fancy Giffard brand of lychee liqueur. The drink was perfectly balanced and a great way to end the night! Chance was excellent, and we all had a great time! I would go to this bar for more drinks the next time I am in DTSA. They have minimal decor and a designated area in the 4th street market. I asked the Bartender for her advice. Therefore, she was very friendly and helpful. So, this is one of the best bars in Santa Ana.

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