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Red Oak Bistro Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

Warm restaurant with multiple fireplace and a patio serving European-style small plates, wine & beer. A great dining experience makes for a priceless memory. The menu features shared small plates of authentic and innovative fare inspired by Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisines, unique selection of wine, bourbons and beer. Head to Red Oak Bistro and join them as guests and leave as friends. Red Oak Bistro is one of a kind restaurant in Gatlinburg, TN. Operated by a husband and wife team with over 20 years of experience in the service industry, they’re both excited to present their vision to all their guests. The dynamic duo is caring, passionate and committed to ensuring that you have an unique dining experience. Red Oak Bistro is in a beautiful setting on a quiet road away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists traps. 

Red Oak Bistro are available for private events, including weddings, private dinners, cocktail receptions and more. Their Bistro is open to making special occasions even more memorable. Let them be part of your next event.  Reach out to chef Olga who will have an ear to your taste preferences. Red Oak Bistro doesn’t compromise on quality in their Bistro. They source their fresh ingredients from local farmer’s markets. Every item they use is handpicked to ensure that you taste the best of what they make. Red Oak Bistro features an extremely welcoming owner; creative dishes using fresh ingredients; perfect atmosphere for relaxing and good conversation; amazing wine selection as well as full bar; yummy rotating / changing menu of taps, appetizers; shareable plates & chef made desserts; delicious cocktails; excellent service; friendly, attentive & knowledgeable staff; and cozy & relaxing ambiance. 

Overall Red Oak Bistro is fun and elevated without being pretentious. Such a unique experience for this area. This place is the best. Go with a group of friends or for a romantic dinner.

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