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Red Wave Inn Bar Fresno, Guide & Review

The Red Wave Inn is a local favorite located in a friendly neighborhood bar that happens to sell cheap beers in big mugs. Expect a much relatively younger crowd, and don’t expect to find any craft cocktails or fancy liquor since Red Wave Inn is all about beer and cider. The food at Red Wave isn’t entirely that bad either, so make sure to try the tacos or the nachos.

Red Wave Inn can provide a new dining experience. You can discover the harmony of 5 basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy. This restaurant serves a combination of Mexican, Italian, Chinese, fast food, beer, and grilled meats and steaks. You might find it pleasant to eat something a little different. If you’re hesitant to explore restaurant offerings, ask the people who work there. Staff should assist with food selection and will accurately take food and beverage orders, including any special requests. This place is close to Fresno State’s campus, so quite a few college students attend, but it’s far from open to everyone. There’s a massive selection of these beers on tap, and if you’re hungry, try the chicken nachos or the carne asada. As far as the bar food goes, the quality is quite impressive. From watching sports to reconnecting with friends through karaoke, it’s a really fun environment.

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