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Redline Food & Bar Los Angeles, Guide & Review

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood downtown bar, Redline is the place to be. Bumping  gay bar & pub serves up classic bar bites plus a DJ spinning tunes in a large space. Redline is a cool little Bar located Downtown. Located in the Historic Core, Redline is set to bring back a sense of community to the downtown LGBT community to the downtown LGBT nightlife

Redline Food & Bar features very nice bartenders, good food & drinks, great drag performances, amazing DJs, good music, amazing customer service, great beer selection, dog-friendly, friendly & totally upbeat atmosphere, delicious cocktails, good crowd, entertaining drag shows, tasty & strong drinks, good vibe, excellent service, and delicious food. There’s a drag show weekly and drinks are reasonable. A nice layout of super fun bar accouterments. Plenty of entertainment and amazing happy hour options. So if you’re into drag and want brunch at the same time and see great performances go to the Redline and throw them Drag Queens some dollars. 

Good Neighborhood bar. Not pretentious, always comfortable and never too crowded.  There is no bad time to go to the Redline. Definitely worth going! The bar is easy to access.

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