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Respectable has been a fixture in the neighborhood for almost a decade, even before Clematis Street was revitalized. Respectable Street is the Southeast’s longest-running nightclub. RSC has maintained its autonomous attitude through dance evenings, parties, and live performers since 1987. The dance club/live music venue is a refuge for the alternative set and those searching for something a little different. Most evenings, DJs spin a mix of electronic and industrial music for guests to groove out to on the dance floor. At other times, you’ll discover performances by local and national bands with a distinct sound, and a harder edge than most music enthusiasts appreciate. 

Other attractions include ska, punk, and rock acts and anything else that is uncategorizable and fascinating. We recommend it for Bars because Respectable Street’s late-night happy hour and varied DJs cater to West Palm Beach‘s artsier demographic. Our expert tip: This place is the closest thing Palm Beach has to a CBGBs type of establishment. While much of Clematis Street is distinguished by exquisite dining and laid-back lounges, Respectable Street has a radically different atmosphere, that of a simply designed music hall. The place has been rocking since 1987, according to owner Rodney Mayo, and if you’re into live music, you’ll discover a roster of local heavyweights playing on the same weekend as the you-heard-them-first-here acts that’ll be huge tomorrow. 

Take a chilled drink and dance the night away at the well-lit Clematis Boulevard nightclub in West Palm Beach. With its high-ceilinged music bar, colorful paintings, checkerboard dance floor, and cozy seats, this place welcomes residents and tourists. If you’re feeling down, tighten your boots and listen to the nice music and bands that kept you company all night. Take advantage of the ample seats, and feel free to stroll all night. Don’t forget to use the outside terrace and have a breath-taking experience while conducting high-energy activities inside. So, this is one of the best bars West Palm Beach has to offer! If you are in town, we highly recommend visiting this bar at least once. Visit with your family, friends, or loved ones!

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