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Restaurant Progress Phoenix, Guide & Review

Restaurant Progress is a hip-hop offering New American small plates at dinner & late-night craft cocktails in stylish digs. Here they do their best. The constantly changing, seasonally driven, five-course tasting menu at Restaurant Progress is overseen by chef and owner TJ Culp, who plates mostly upscale, New American fare.

Restaurant Progress features delicious food, great music, modern yet cozy atmosphere, nice chic decor, amazingly delicious cocktails, friendly & accommodating staff, communal seating on the patio out back, excellent experimental house drinks, and the menu is always fresh with what’s in season and creative. 

The service here is top-notch and everything is cooked to perfection. What a fantastic new place to get some killer drinks and food at. This is absolutely the best dining experience you will have in Phoenix. Incredible experience.

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