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Revolución De Cuba, situated in the heart of Deansgate, is an incredible Latin-style bar that is effortlessly trendy and informal. With live music and delectable frozen drinks, ceiling fans and high tables combine to offer a terrific eating and drinking experience—the best rum in the world and Manchester‘s biggest fiesta. Just off Deansgate, there are two levels of dancing, Latin-inspired restaurants, and live music. You’ve made it to Havana. Cocktails, tapas, and rum, right in the middle of the city, seem like a world away. Head downstairs to the Havana Club Room for late-night revelry, or try the finest rums from around the world at their exclusive rum bar. Relax with tapas and beverages at the Cuban cocktail bar upstairs for leisurely lunches, after-work drinks, or a special supper. 

You may go from Deansgate to Latin flavors at the Cuban restaurant in only a few feet. Escape the mundane and locate the ideal location to turn today into a fiesta. Cuba is home to several of the world’s most renowned, inventive, and intoxicating cocktails. A seminar will help you become a cocktail, Maestro. Begin this year on the right foot. Live music, sharing food, beverages, and extraordinary details. Celebrate your birthday the Cuban way. It’s difficult to imagine, but Christmas was prohibited in Cuba from 1968 until 1997. That means we have 29 years to make up for lost partying. Find a party location and plan a Cuban Christmas party. In the heart of Manchester, Revolución de Cuba is one of the city’s most oversized bars and restaurants, with two floors of dancing, Latin-inspired eating, great drinks, and live entertainment. 

With various function spaces accommodating groups ranging from 10 to 1,000, Revolución de Cuba is the ideal venue to drink, dine, and celebrate any occasion! The Cubans know how to throw the most fabulous fiesta in town. This location specializes in corporate events ranging from meetings and training sessions to product launches, post-conference gatherings, business celebrations, and the all-important summer and Christmas parties. “It is not the story of one individual,” says Revolución De Cuba. Or only one bar. Or only one spirit. It’s the story of a group of rum enthusiasts who realized that taking on this spirit meant capturing it. And that doing so would lead to a discovery of cuisine, drink, and culture on the island of Cuba, one of the world’s most exciting and intriguing locations.” Artwork plays a significant role in the British metropolis.

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