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Roof Sixty-Six Bar Tulsa, Guide & Review


Roof 66 is a premium bar which is located on top of hotel Indigo. This place is known for its crafty cocktails and signature drinks. The bar is located on the seventh floor, so you can be sure to get some pretty beautiful views from the top, which adds more glamour to the vibe and is a beautiful sight to be at during the night.
Roof 66 is also known for its food menu, and you can dine in and try out their small plates while enjoying the expensive ambiance they have created for the ultimate experience. Moreover, the drinks menu is regularly updated and has different seasonal cocktails and expensive wines, so you will find almost anything that suits your taste buds. The staff is also well informed; hence, you can ask the servers for recommendations for wine and other drinks, and they will ensure that your taste buds are attended to, and your needs are catered for. The bartenders are also an expert in what they do, so expect the best when dining here, they are the most prestigious mixologists in the district, and you will know that soon enough when you take the first sip. You can have a craft cocktail made for you as well. Just make sure to guide your bartender and see the magic happen.
The menu is also very diverse here, as we shall see. Seven craft cocktails are on the menu, priced moderately at $13.50. Some of the best cocktails include Ginger Apple Snap, Blood Orange Spritz, and Greenwood Grimlet. We recommend you try another specialty cocktail called The Communion, which is made up of Koval Cranberry Gin, a special kind of orange, and sugar. Different types of white wines are available, ranging from $6 to $10. Moreover, the red wines cost from $8 to $15. Roof 66 also offers many different types of brews for you to try.

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