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Room for Milly- LoHi Denver, Guide & Review

One step in, and you’re taken back to the 20th-century-style supper club mixed with a modern and sleek interior. Whether you want to go with friends for a bite or a sip of a cocktail after work, this is the place to be. Inspired by Milly Parker and her adventures, the setup is the ideal space she would go to unwind. She is the inspiration behind the place. Offering a variety of mixed cocktails, each offers a whole experience as you take a sip. Each has a story reflected by its name. Like ‘The Fuel Stop, Old Fashioned’ is a mix of bourbon, cranberry, and rosemary. It is ‘relaxed and intimate with sock-feet on the coffee table.’ With subtle flirty hints, it is hard to resist the charm of this place. The welcoming atmosphere is the best place for hosting a party for all your friends. Their art collection is something everyone can admire. Some expensive and some thrifted, there is a mix of colors and visuals to soak in. If you have your eye on a piece, you can get your hands on it and support the artist. Besides this, the bar is mindful of creating waste and aims toward sustainability. 


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