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Rosie Connolly’s is a snug gathering place providing draft beer, traditional Irish comfort food, music sessions & karaoke. Rosie Connolly’s, an Irish bar in Shockoe Bottom, will make any Irishman feel at ease. This is the spot to go in Richmond for the greatest Guinness pour and other Richmond favorites like Harp, Smithwicks, and Newcastle. A selection of single malt scotches and Irish whiskeys are also available. Expect to make at least one new acquaintance at Rosie Connolly’s. A tour of the “greatest bars” would be incomplete without a stop at an Irish pub. Rosie Connolly, Richmond’s premier Irish bar, is just what you’re looking for. The bar has a distinct Dublin ambiance and serves Guinness beer, fine whiskeys, and single malt scotches. The venue is busy and well-known for its lively atmosphere, making it ideal for a night out with friends. 

Would a list of the top bars ever be complete without an Irish bar? Rosie Connolly’s, the city’s most incredible Irish bar, is the place to go for a fun night out with friends. Guinness, single malt scotches, and whiskeys are available as if you were in Dublin. It’s a noisy bar with a lively vibe – hardly the place for a quiet date. Rosie Connolly’s desire as a young Colleen growing up in the lush pastures of Ireland was to add a taste of the Emerald Isle to the pub-less wasteland known as the States. Here, she’d establish the warm, friendly meeting place she’d become accustomed to, where beers and talk flowed freely, and even a passing stranger felt like a regular. Unfortunately for America, Rosie never made it through the busy port of Liverpool

Fortunately for us thirsty Americans, her traveling grandson Tommy did. The trek, though, put the determined Liverpudlian to the test. The Big Pond was a mere dream compared to the roaring torrent unleashed by Tropical Storm Gaston on Richmond’s Shockoe Bottom on August 30, 2004. This was the day Tommy Goulding was supposed to take over his bar. Rosie Connolly somehow escaped from the muck and mire. She is now shining and proud, a classic Irish bar with a Mersey splash. So come on out and toast, Rosie. It’s been a long journey from her hometown, but you’ll feel closer with each pint. So, this bar is one of the best Irish Bars Richmond offers. Visit it today if you are in the city!

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