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Rounders Poker room is a famous casino place in Houston, and for a good reason. This casino and poker arena has been here for years hence has a healthy clientele with the locals who trust this place. Rounders poker room is a light-hearted and easy-going place where you can go for a good time. Rounders Poker Room has several amenities, making it perfect for spending your time in. Numerous good-quality pool tables and widescreen TVs enhance your user experience.

Moreover, this casino has done something somewhat unusual and not seen in most casinos anywhere. Rounders Poker Room has set up Thursdays as special days for ladies to play poker for free and enjoy the ambiance. This encourages females to participate in the game, learn it and bring in some healthy competition while making sure the community stays closely knit. There are several other things like the design of this poker arena and the warm welcome the locals give you there, which attracts many people to this casino. This casino, like most others, offers you free food and drinks while you enjoy your game. There are dedicated restrooms, which means that you will love the atmosphere here and want to spend more time here.


Rounders Poker Room Promotions

Rounders poker room offers many different promotions and giveaways as well. There are a Thursday night ladies special where the ladies are allowed to pray for free! This means that it is usually very crowded on Thursdays. Moreover, this casino takes care of its people, and hence industry workers pay half the prices mentioned. There are a lot more promotions to take advantage of on their website!

Rounders Poker Room Promo Codes to know

Rounders Poker Room has no promo codes right now, but you should stay optimistic about the many prizes and giveaways offered.

Rounders Poker Room Secret Codes to know

Rounders Poker Room has no secret codes right now; hence you should focus on the promotions offered.

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