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Route 66 is another option for casino lovers in Albuquerque, as this casino offers great games in a very hospitable environment. Route 66 offers many different slot machines in other denominations and has games of different themes. These games are often progressive and traditional reel-based. Route 66 casino moreover has around 20 tables where you can play. Many other games are available at these casinos; some are Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, and Pai Gow Poker. There is a bingo game also available, which over 244 seats available. There are different promotions also available. Route 66 offers you five different dining options. Some are fine dining eateries, while others specialize in fast food. Apart from this, there is a theatre for those of us who are film fanatics. This casino has an in-house hotel as well with luxurious hotel rooms. You should try this casino if you are in Albuquerque. The dealers are very friendly and understanding; moreover, there are eager to teach you the games you do not know yet, creating a very competitive but friendly environment. Route 66 is a social center and pretty popular with the locals, so you can build a large social circle in Albuquerque and play in a suitable environment at the same time when you choose this casino over the others.

Route 66 Casino Promotions

Route 66 casino offers many different promotions as well. For example, there is a $200,000 giveaway on Saturdays called Sham-Rocking Saturdays. Apart from this, there are $25,000 in gold coins to be given away. Sunrise with seniors and Turbo Rewards club are some of the more popular promotions, which are pretty famous in the area.

Route 66 Casino Promo codes to know

Route 66 offers no promo codes but offers many different promotions, which you can try.

Route 66 Casino Secret codes to know

Unfortunately, Route 66 does not offer any secret codes, but there are many promotions that you might be interested in, so do check them out!

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