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Rudy’s Bar & Grill New York, Guide & Review

This place is hands down the best dive bar in NYC. Rudy’s Bar & Grill is a historic dive bar in NYC since 1933. Rudy’s is the most famous dive bar, right through the original wood door, carved down the center with the name of the first owners, the rudy family. Rudy’s got one of New York’s first liquor licenses when prohibition ended in 1933. The drinks are cheap, and the hot dogs are—gasp!–free (even famed chef Anthony Bourdain has eaten a few). And in 1996, Rudy’s was voted Best Jukebox in the city by Rolling Stone for its famed selection of jazz and blues. Although the jukebox has been mainstreamed considerably to accommodate changing tastes, you can still get a wailing sax or Rat Pack harmonies if you choose.

Rudy’s Bar & Grill features a great fun atmosphere – peaceful, friendly, and very typical, with good music playing, live sports, a free buffet, a variety of tasty and reasonably priced drinks, craft beer, comfy outdoor seating crazy red lighting, free WI-FI, friendly bartenders, stylish interior, very welcoming crowd, great jukebox and great staff with amazing service and offers an amazing experience with a great value. It’s the best place to have fun and get drunk while eating free hot dogs. Rudy’s Bar & Grill is perfect for parties like birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversary parties, and other special parties. The bar is open 7 days a week from 12:00 PM – 4:00 AM. The prices are super reasonable with house beers being surprisingly tasty. 

Rudy’s Bar & Grill is a memorable bar with interesting, welcoming people, what could you possibly want more? Hard to get in, hard to get out.

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