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Ruggby’s Food and Spirits Bar Huntsville, Guide & Review

Ruggby’s Food and Spirits is a perfect place for a night out with friends. They have a smoking area where you can exhale the smoke and stress out! Because they do not provide on-table services, this establishment is best suited for people familiar with self-service. They have screens for entertainment purposes. It is considered a local favorite, and some call it “Cheers Bar.” After all these years, Ruggby’s is still a great dive bar to shoot darts and hang out in. Tip: Best Jukebox in the city. A neighborhood favorite. It’s been around for a long time. I usually get a cheeseburger on the way. So, it is one of the finest burgers I’ve ever had. Because it’s a pub, it’s smokey, so I wait in the car. The service is fast, and the atmosphere inside is pleasant if you prefer a low-key, not-too-crowded pub. 

They have dart boards and, I believe, one pool table, as well as the sports channel. Excellent food and atmosphere! Servers who are kind and punctual. A good lunch or happy hour place. It’s where I go when I need my car serviced at a neighboring dealership. First and foremost, this is a smoking venue. If it is an issue, you will not enjoy your stay here. The cuisine is quite typical yet beautifully cooked, with sandwiches, fries, and the like. It’s not fancy or nutritious, but it’s delicious. The design is gloomy, with dark timbers and dim lighting that allows you to view the games on TV. Ruggby’s has a distinct aura that is difficult to explain without sounding more nasty than intended. 

It’s your welcoming local dive bar. It is not for everyone, but some will enjoy it. This spot is a neighborhood favorite. Because it’s a pub, it’s smoky, so it is not for non-smokers. They have dart boards and, I believe, one pool table, as well as the sports channel. Fantastic location to chill and maybe have a drink or something to eat while listening to the very excellent and current music options. The proprietor is great and very outgoing; he comes to meet you and make sure your order is to your liking; if not, he’ll repair it. The customers here are joyful and full of life; they will chat with you and make you feel like family. We had a great day and will return.

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