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Rusty Spur Saloon Bar Scottsdale, Guide & Review

Rusty Spur Saloon is another famous bar in Scottsdale, which is also fun to be at. This Bar offers a cowboy-themed ambiance as well. The Bar also offers live music seven days a week, which allows you to enjoy with the patrons in an old west-inspired atmosphere. You will feel like you have traveled several decades in the past when you enter this Bar through its swinging doors. As we discussed, live music is also offered, with many famous local and up-and-coming musicians performing. The Bar is open seven days a week to enjoy it.
This Bar held excellent historical value and was the first to open in Scottsdale around seventy years ago. This Bar has welcomed many famous personalities like Post Malone and is quite renowned in the area. This Bar is also known as a historical landmark, so you should visit this Bar if you are in Scottsdale.
The menu also includes traditional Arizona touch in certain foods, which makes you feel like you are from the old wild west. There is bottled beer also available. Moreover, there are margaritas available as well. Some of the best wines include Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot. Tequilas are also available, Clase Azul and Don Julio Silver, among others. If you are not a fan of these spirits, you also enjoy a variety of sodas.
This Bar also has dedicated merchandise available as well for those of us who love Arizona and Scottsdale! This Bar also donates to the Arizona Phoenix Children’s Hospital, so make sure you donate dollar bills to them.
One should visit this Bar if they want an authentic bar experience in Scottsdale with a lively ambiance.


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