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Serving delicious homemade food every day from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY DINNER TILL 10 pm. They offer a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and Dinner options. The bar is now open and stocked with a wide range of beer, wine, and liquor. Stop by for one of their many mimosas or a bloody mary! We have keno and scratch tickets as well. They founded Salem‘s Retreat out of a deep love for real food, for food that is fresh, healthy, and authentic. They only use natural ingredients here at Salem’s Retreat. They work hard to create each meal, a healthy representation of our passion for food, life, and living. Salem’s Retreat debuted in 2021, although its history stretches back to February 26, 1775, when British Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Leslie and his 64th Regiment of the Line staged a raid on American military depots in Salem, only to be repulsed by local militia.

Breakfast is available all day. They serve both sweet and savory foods. Lunch starts at 10 am. They also serve alcohol with a full bar open. I have come twice since they changed ownership from their initial establishment. Both times were on pretty busy days, but luckily there are seats inside and outside available. We’ve had to wait at most 10 minutes for a seat. On one occasion, we came for brunch. On the second, when we came for breakfast, however, lunch was served almost all day. There is a parking lot at the back for those who do not want to walk far or risk getting a ticket. Been there, done that. 

So far, we have tried Salem’s Chicken Sandwich, Hangover Burger, Monte Cristo, omelet, Greek Salad, and Reuben, including their side of fries, Cole slaw, and onion rings. Everything has been a home run in my eyes, but the game changer is the Reuben sandwich. I’m typically not a big roast/corn beef fan, but this changed my mind. Something about their bread, mayo, and meat is just the ultimate combination. Although the French toast for my Montecristo did come out undercooked the first time, they were very understanding and quick to correct their errors. Out of the size, I did enjoy their french fries the most, in my opinion. Overall, my friends and I have had beautiful experiences thus far. I cannot emphasize enough how great of a place this is and for others to experience it for themselves!

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