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Salt Dog Slim’s is a dive bar off Bow Lane in Manchester City Center. Bringing steins, brines, and good times to the city! Salt Dog Slims is up with the top bars in Manchester city center. If you want to avoid the lines, there are handcrafted drinks, excellent music, pool tables, a menu of American-inspired nibbles, and a beer vending machine. Salt Dog Slims is an emporium of world beers, bespoke cocktails, and American-style chili dogs. A bar built by bartenders for you, the guests, and they love sharing our passion for drinks, food, and music together. Get to Salt Dog Slims Manchester for steins, brines, and good times until late! Get on your dancing shoes. Whether it’s a drinks table, a cocktail masterclass, or maybe something a bit more bespoke, they have covered you! Salt Dog Slim’s has arrived in Manchester, bringing international beers, creative cocktails, and hot dogs. 

Skip the line and get a beer from their vending machine, stocked with various beers, including their own Alabama Slim beer. Signing the graffiti wall is another way to make your imprint. Do you want to do something? Grab a cue and play some pool. Salt Dog Slim provides plenty of booths and bookable places for large groups. Salt Dog Slims is a dingy bar in the heart of Manchester City Center, located on Bow Lane. The pub is well-known for its extensive selection of foreign beers, custom drinks, and American-style chili dogs. Forget queuing at the bar; Salt Dog Slims has a beer vending machine. The graffiti wall is on standby for partygoers to make their imprint. The location is ideal for large groups with dozens of booths and bookable places. 

Salt Dog Slims, located on Bow Lane, just off Cross Street in the heart of Manchester City Center, is the ideal late-night party location, playing great indie/rock songs chosen by skilled bartenders. The pub has its pool table and vending machine, and you can leave your imprint on the graffiti wall! The facility is excellent, free pool, free arcade games (I love some Street Fighter), excellent beverages, and THE HOTDOGS ARE DELICIOUS, especially the Big Mac Hotdog, which is good. Most importantly, the employees. Ritch (or Danny, whatever he likes) and the squad that night were AMAZING. Professional, attentive, and quick service; everything was spotless; they were like ninjas removing those glasses; they were highly hilarious and inviting.

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