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Santa’s Pub Bar Nashville, Guide & Review

Santa’s Pub has been serving cold beer for ten years. Sip on it while you sing your heart out at karaoke. The place is a trailer that screams ‘kitsch’ with all the Christmas-like decor and its aesthetic. This is where you will find all the hipster people. Generally, twenty-year-old college students and new and upcoming artists will be here.

On the other hand, you will have men in suits and bachelor parties also happening at the same place. The place is packed, especially on Sunday nights when bands perform. Fingers crossed that you don’t get to hear a random shower singer perform, and it’s a Grammy winner who serenades you. 

The owner is famous by the name ‘Santa’ and is a legend in the area amongst the locals. His real name is Denzel, and he runs the place with his wife. The site was opened in 2011 after he had been working in the industry for a few decades. He knows about all the artists in the area. He has made the place feel like your friend’s basement, with people smoking, beer bottles all around you, and singing all night long. The karaoke floor is open to every one of you, and it even says ‘everyone’s a star’ in a corner. The menu is fuss-free, beer at $3 and wine and soda at $4; just have cash on you because that’s the way to pay for the drinks. 

To ‘be nice’ is one of the rules on their website even, and no douchebags or cussing is allowed inside. So no funny business here, okay? Share stories with adventurers or hear their stories and let the music and night take you away. 


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