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Saturn Room Bar Tulsa, Guide & Review


The Saturn room is one of those bars with a unique theme. This bar is set up so that you will feel like you have entered the tropics. The cocktails are also named as such to give you a tropical vibe. If you want to stay in Tulsa and enjoy the tropical destinations for free while trying delicious cocktails, The Saturn Room is your place to go! This bar is also located in the Brady Arts District in Tulsa, so you can be sure that the level of creativity is impressive here, and you will have a good time!
Moreover, this bar offers classic Tiki cocktails, which are not offered elsewhere in the district. This bar has the advantage of serving something unique and delicious, which it takes full advantage of. This is why this bar is usually packed to capacity, so make sure to reserve a table for yourself, especially if you are going on the weekends. Moreover, this place prides itself on serving some of the freshest cocktails in the area. All of the ingredients are sourced locally and are the freshest of produce. This is the defining feature of these tropical cocktails, as they need all of that fresh aromas and flavors to make that tropical vibe come alive when you take the first sip.
Moreover, the bartenders and the staff here at the Saturn Room are highly knowledgeable and respectable individuals in their craft, so do not hesitate to ask them for recommendations. They will make sure that you get a drink according to your taste palette, which will instantly take you from Tulsa to the Bahamas in the tropics! The fresh aromas, house-made syrups, and only the finest quality spirits, when combined together correctly, can make for a unique bespoke cocktail. Moreover, they offer some of the most versatile ingredients in their cocktails. You will also find different varieties of vodka, Rum, and other spirits.

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