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Savoy Society Bar Savannah, Guide & Review

The Savoy Society is a popular cocktail bar with stained-glass windows that draw in high light. Only vinyl music plays in every bar — which positively affects your inner hipster. Go for indoor cocktails with catchy names like “Shower Me In Luxury,” “How Will I Get Home,” and “Dandy.” There are also cocktails at the tap and wine by the glass and in the bottle.

Share plates from cheese bowls to octopus tostadas and glossy spam slides. Bartenders are fun-loving and hospitable; eager to take orders and start having fun.

Filling the concrete floor and glass scattered on the lower floor of the mid-century Drayton Tower, this restaurant has a 1970’s Palm Beach vibe with shiny brass, bamboo sets, and lots of greenery. A fun place to hang out with the cool local Savannah people. Delicious drinks and bites. It can be popular here and busy, especially if the local artist, who has been wearing certain songs and playing the piano for almost 100 years. The vendors are very nice and everyone looks like they’re having the time of their lives.

The menu is simple, with tapas that can be shared like salted eggs, tuna tartare, and Caprese mega toast (with vegan mozzarella available as an alternative), alongside old salads, sandwiches, and flatbread (Moroccan-flavored beef bread). Crema is very important). The bar menu is the highlight here with wines, martinis, and a craft cocktail list featuring the delicious tropical decoration of Savoy: their take on the Savannah signature Chatham artillery punch includes rye, Jamaican rum, cognac, yaupon tea, and blisters. Large round windows offer a full view of Liberty and Drayton Streets.

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