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Screwdriver Bar Seattle, Guide & Review

A neighborhood rock ‘n’ roll basement bar in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, open every day from 4:00 pm until 2:00 am. Best basement Rock bar in Seattle. Screwdriver Bar’s backspace is awesome for getting up and close and personal with some live music. The owners are a group of really awesome locals who have worked in the area for many years. The Screwdriver Bar is located in the Historic Barnes Building which was built in 1890 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. 

The records on the wall, the jukebox, the velvet paintings, down to the glitter on the steps. This is one unique place. The games, the drinks, a cozy and fun place to be! They don’t serve food but are fine with you bringing in your own. A fun, laid back place with some Nirvana history! Screwdriver Bar started with a couple of long time friends who dreamed of creating a space where the ideas they hold near and dear are in the forefront: fun times; great friends past and future, rock ‘n’ roll on the jukebox, a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone and a place for anyone to call their own. Definitely a cool unique Seattle experience. 

Screwdriver Bar features great vibe; friendly & attentive staff; pinball machines; decent selection of beers; lots of good delicious cocktails; great music; an awesome outdoor seating; cozy unique decor; and state-of-art lighting and sound system. They have some very interesting house drinks. 

This hands down the coolest bar that you’ll ever be in Seattle. Highly recommend you visit here, especially if you are a rock music fan.

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