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Seattle’s Best Karaoke Seattle, Guide & Review

Seattle’s Best Karaoke began to operate its private karaoke party rooms in 1994. Their first store was in the International District. It didn’t take them much time to find out how much people love to sing even though they may not be aware of it. Once their customers somehow found Seattle‘s Best Karaoke, many of them have always come back. They are not only about good singers but also those who can sing. 

Seattle’s Best Karaoke opened the second store at the current location in late 1996. The original store was called SBK1, and the second store was called SBK1 2 affectionately by their customers. Most of us like to sing alone in shower or in a car, but not in front of many people whom you’ve no idea of. Why? Because singing is fun, especially when we are singing along to a song with a great sound system. Isn’t it the reason why we spend a considerable sum of money on a car stereo system. That is the reason they started SBK. They’ve a great sound system and a great collection of songs in each of their karaoke rooms. Their customers, thankfully, bother to visit them to have a good time singing like a star with loud and clear background music. Our customers, thankfully, bother to visit us to have a good time singing like a star with loud and clear background music.

Seattle’s Best Karaoke mission is that they want everyone to be happy doing karaoke. They don’t sell food or alcoholic drinks at Seattle’s Best Karaoke. They don’t have an age limit. Kids love karaoke, but there aren’t many places where they can do karaoke. Great song selection and pricing, especially for larger groups. What a fun-time karaoke experience. Great little hole in the wall place.

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