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Secret Improv Society Bar San Francisco, Guide & Review

The Bay Area’s best comedy secret, Secret Improv Society has been creating live shows every night for over 10 years in downtown San Francisco. Starting 2022 they have live shows every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 pm. They’re conveniently located near Union Square in the heart of San Francisco at the world-famous Shelton Theater. Small theatre makes for a more intimate experience. Very intimate space with about 50 seats. 

Secret Improv Society features creative performers, awesome tasty & strong drinks, great comedians, fun & welcoming atmosphere, decent stand-up comedy, and fun games. These people are incredibly talented. Very unique experience at Secret Improv Society. Secret Improv Society is San Francisco’s award-winning interactive comedy show. Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, a group of talented performers create hilarious skits and songs that are made up on the spot based on audience suggestions. Each show is unique, fun, and fast paced. Secret performers at the historic and centrally located Shelton Theater near union is the place to soak it in. The place is small and intimate so you can enjoy and see from wherever you’re seated. 

The Pianist is great at spontaneously creating theme music and the actors/actresses really play off of each other well. Go and have fun! If you need to get out and have fun, they’ve it. The comedians have a wonderful energy and lots of quick witted jokes and stories to tell. Really nice comics with great talent. You should go. Highly recommended trying this place out.

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