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Sevens Ale House Boston, Guide & Review

This is a classic bar serving beer and wine with a simple bar set up, well-peppered dartboard, perfectly poured pints and decent wines.  Amazingly this is the place on Charles Street where the bartender asks your name and shakes your hand after you order a drink. If you’d like such a type of interpersonal connection then don’t miss out on one of the most comfortable and least pretentious neighborhood bars in the city. The much-loved neighborhood bar attracts a casual crowd that includes local professionals as often as it does working-class folk. This is a local bar supported by local regulars. It has great beer and decent wine and excellent pub food and local people who clearly come in all the time.

Sevens Ale House is a local hangout spot in Boston and features amazing comfy outdoor dining, awesome live sports, fast delivery, great pub food, a great place for lunch, free WI-FI, cheery bartenders who are very helpful with choice, a hip atmosphere, friendly staff, late-night dining, variety of drinks that are reasonably priced, and a great beer selection.

Sevens Ale House is a very cool neighborhood bar with an authentic, dive bar chic in a cool way and a diverse crowd. Seven’s Ale House is an amazing spot to seek enjoyment and relaxation from a hard day of relentless day’s work. What a great neighborhood spot that’s dark, cool, and without pretense. The spot is good for groups and an awesome place to have some beers with friends. 10/010 highly recommended!

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