Shakn, A Simple Review

Shakn is a great dating app to use for multiple reasons. Shakn is famous for many reasons, one of them being that it is not like your average dating app. These dating apps can be too much these days as they bombard you with questionnaires and ask you about your type. 

Shakn, is a social app which means it’s perfect for people who want to date more socially and meet more people while doing it. 

Another great thing about Shakn is that it is modeled like Badoo and Tinder, which means you get impressive features and options like those apps. You can interact with people in the same way and swipe left or right, which is the key feature of these apps.

Moreover, Shakn considers many parameters, both mental and physical, when setting you up with someone. You have to provide certain information about yourself and add pictures to make your profile appealing. 

Moreover, this app also supports the LGBTQ community, making it even more popular among the youth. Another distinguishing feature of Shakn is that it lets you create moments and share them with other users in the dating community. What this does is help you to bond with people and give you something to connect over with.

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