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Shameful Tiki Room Toronto is a lively haunt with a tropical vibe offering Polynesian-inspired food, exotic cocktails & live music. There is no such thing as drinking shame at this Parkdale tiki bar. The decor is full-on Polynesian kitsch, and the drinks are just as amusing. Order a punch-style bowl to share with friends, and be prepared for some fanfare (gongs, fog machine mist). Blacked-out windows and a heavy velvet curtain at the entrance heighten the sense of escapism, particularly welcome on a cold winter night. The Shameful Tiki Room is dedicated to creating an immersive experience that pays homage to classic American tiki bars from the mid-century past and the cultures that inspired that first movement. Dim lighting, no visible windows to the outside, music that doesn’t drown out conversation, share plates for groups, and, of course, expertly crafted vintage exotic cocktails like the Zombie, Jet Pilot, and Mai Tai. 

When a trip to an exotic faraway paradise isn’t available, we’re ready to provide the next best thing. There are no prizes for guessing which spirit is on the menu at The Shameful Tiki Room; it’s rum. This Toronto iteration, a sister to the ever-popular Vancouver original, is tiki-tastic in every way, from the carved wooden masks and cane furniture to the pink-tinged lighting and dried leaves hanging from the ceiling. The cocktail menu is complete with kitschy illustrations. There’s also a fun barrel-rating system to indicate the potency of each drink: they’re happy to report that no cocktail receives less than two barrels out of a possible five. 

The sharing plates are also worth trying, as is the food menu, which includes tuna poke, Maui coconut shrimp, and a signature pupu platter. The Shameful Tiki Room is a tiki bar dedicated to resurrecting the first wave of tiki popularity from the 1930s and 1940s (except for their cocktails). There are no TVs, loud music, or phones to distract customers from the delicious food and signature cocktails. Shameful has a full menu of Polynesian-inspired cocktails, mostly rum-based. Still, the Bowls, three distinct mystery cocktails that pack a seriously boozy punch in their made-for-sharing ceramic vessels, keep people coming back. Despite the name, tiki idol worship is openly practiced here: all the Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s classics are carefully measured, squeezed, and swizzled—for shaken, check out the Go-Go-Bungalow dancers on Sunday nights.

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