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Jumping directly to the Shepherd and Sims cocktail menu will miss some of the magic. Take a closer look at the wooden ceilings with slats, vintage mirrors, rattan patio furniture, and murals of the foggy forest running one wall length. Try poached Spanish octopus sprinkled with smoked paprika oil or duck confit with toasted croquette meat, algra, and white cheddar for cooking. Homemade potato chips with French onion dip and caviar are also praised. But let’s move on to drinks. House cocktails such as Shepherd’s Pie and thyme waste provide various flavors. But we would like to make a special mention of the Italian Winters. So, this is a satisfying blend of rye, Montenegro, amaretto, lemon, and bitter. Here they celebrate diligence, a simple meal, and an excellent companion. This bar offers takeout services. The staff at Shepherd & Sims wear masks for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. Outdoor seating is available at this bar. Heated outdoor seating is also available for when it gets too cold. So, if you wish to step with your drink, feel free to do so! We can describe the vibe of the bar as Hipster, Casual, Trendy and Classy. It is a great place for groups, kids and for dinner. They have street parking and private lot parking available at the scene. So, when you visit the bar, you would not have to worry about thinking where to park. They have impeccable waiter service. There is free Wi-Fi available at the bar for all the patrons. The best nights at this bar are on Thursday. They have Happy Hour Specials throughout the week. Shepherd & Sims provides wheelchair accessibility. There is a TV present at the bar which adds to the audio and visual experience of entertainment.

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