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Shoo Shoo Baby Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Really great bar for hanging out. Shoo Shoo Baby was created with a very specific thing in mind. Shoo Shoo Baby Rooftop Bar are proud to serve Los Angeles, bars can be intimate, loud, mysterious, fun, sexy, alive, and the place to come together. Location is right downtown Los Angeles.

People are what makes bars and restaurants what they are. Plain and simple. They are nothing with their guests. They also wanted to create a bar that embraced the power of femininity. They just wanted to make a place where women feel empowered and celebrated, all the while men feel at home to have drinks with their best bro’s. 

They’ve it all. Spirits, wine beer, the craft movement, all well thought out, fun food. Yet they never forget that what matters most are their guests and their experience. They’re inspired by a time when WW2 had just ended and the people in the streets of New York City were helplessly celebrating life. What a time to be in a bar! Shoo Shoo Baby Bar is the perfect spot for a group of  friends. Shoo Shoo Baby Bar also features decent drinks during happy hour, friendly bartenders, excellent strong drinks, great decor, great vibe, good music, friendly service, great DJs, clean restrooms, craft beer, delicious cocktails & food, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Shoo Shoo Baby is very chic, swank and cozy. They’re doing everything they can to create that same joy today with their love and appreciation of hospitality and service. Overall, a fun place to check out while in Downtown Los Angeles.

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