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Shooters Cocktails San Diego, Guide & Review

Are you looking for an amazing karaoke bar in San Diego? Shooters cocktail bar is the place to be! Chock full of things to do like Karaoke and billiards, great drinks on tap, and interesting people to mingle with, you’ll fit right in at Shooters! Shooters cocktails, Spring valley is intricately themed as “your local neighborhood bar” , complete with mismatching wood, a stellar drop ceiling, laughter heard abound, plenty of framed beer mirrors and the absolute best intentions. Nice hole in the wall neighborhood bar with billiards and darts.

They’ve got a little bit of everything from TV’s featuring everything from football to Nascar. Karaoke for those brave enough (or buzzed enough). Three pool tables, of which they attempt to keep shark-free. The place features great pours, awesome & hip bar atmosphere, great ambiance, good & welcoming crowd, pool tables, awesome live music, great craft beers, pub fare, delicious cocktails, great DJs, and friendly & inclusive regulars. They’ve karaoke several nights as well and that’s also bring out some fun people and fun times. They’ve also got a menu full of drinks. They aren’t fancy yet, but they’re positive you won’t leave thirsty. 

What a great place to hang out shoot some pool have a few drinks and do some karaoke. This is a great place to meet for cocktails or beers. A bunch of pool games and karaoke always going on.

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