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A traditional cocktail bar meets a unique store. Louisville is known for embracing the strange and unusual, and ShopBar certainly falls into that category. This new-ish establishment is one part curated store, selling anything from local crafts to secondhand apparel, and one part hip cocktail club, housed in a former gas station and auto garage. Distressed flooring, brick walls, and a corrugated steel bar front indicate that everyone is welcome, and the beautiful garden space provides a pleasant refuge during the warmer months. You may also warm your soul with a Bloody Mary or bourbon, followed by a Frito pie. What was originally a mechanic garage is now a welcoming and quirky bar and boutique shop, thus the name ShopBar. The shop section is jam-packed with vintage finds, local art, and handcrafted items. 

The ShopBar bar is like a bohemian drinking spot, featuring quirky drinks and draught beer. The large terrace has several covered seating spaces, making it ideal for wet, snowy, or excessively sunny days (Kentucky weather is wild, you all.) Did I mention they welcome dogs? Such as fiercely dog friendly! Bring your dog or pretend you don’t have one, since these people like animals. While they do not have a kitchen, they host various food trucks every week. You can enjoy poutine from The Celtic Pig, tacos from Happy Belly Bistro, and even sushi from the Louisville Sushi Truck every week. The most significant offer, though, comes on Mondays, when you can order pizza delivery from Lupo to ShopBar for 30% off. Purchase a drink, and the bartender will provide you with the discount code. 

The Shutdown is a tequila-based cocktail with hibiscus, ginger ale, candied ginger, and a black lava salt rim. It goes great with the Milk & Honey sourdough pizza! While there is little interior space, ShopBar has constructed a 1,250-square-foot patio area with lots of shade, seats, and plants. Rose and Harrigan have devised an eight-course rotating menu. Currently on the menu are fried white fish with salsa verde over wild rice ($11), a jowl sandwich with apple slaw, jalapeño sauce, and fries ($9), and mushroom tostadas with pico de gallo and greens, topped with cilantro and romano cheese ($7). The Mexican-inspired food will accompany a specialty cocktail menu heavy on tequila and bourbon. ShopBar’s house bourbon will be Old Forester, while the bar will also serve Mala Idea Espadin Mezcal.

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