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Showtime Karaoke Kansas City, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great karaoke spot in Kansas City? Look no further than Showtime Karaoke. They specialize in creating an atmosphere where people let loose, sing at the top of their lungs, and spend all night dancing. Your event decor will be beautiful and the food will be delicious, but what your guests will really remember is how much fun they had. Showtime Karaoke is here to make sure they have the best time. EVER. Whether you’re throwing a Birthday party for a friend, celebrating your wedding or Anniversary, or planning your company Holiday party; having high-quality entertainment for your guests is a top priority. At Showtime Karaoke, they know what it takes to keep your guests entertained and pride themselves on making the event one to remember.

Looking to create a fun night with an experience that you and your friends will remember forever? Rent one of their outstanding Karaoke Machines! All of their machines come plug and play ready meaning, they provide the audio equipment,a mobile device needed for access to a world of high quality karaoke tracks, and a Wi-Fi hotspot (if needed). No more fumbling with your phone and browsing through free sites (with commercials) trying to find your favorite Karaoke song to sing, Showtime Karaoke has got you covered.

Showtime Karaoke features a fun DJ; great music selection – huge selection of songs; decent prices; great vibe; relaxed atmosphere; plenty of comfy seatings; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; and friendly & fun-filled crowd. What a great experience at Showtime Karaoke. Highly recommended checking out Showtime Karaoke for an amazing experience in Kansas City.

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