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You have to know that the name is not a typo. Sidebar may be seen on the side of a three-story building at the junction of Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street. Once inside, the ambiance is mid century contemporary vintage, with sputnik lighting, blue velvet chairs, and tufted leather couches. This is all the more reason to savor your French 75 or old-fashioned. Sidebar is another of my favorite spots to have drinks while I’m in Naples along 5th Avenue. This bar is a little hidden away and doesn’t receive as much recognition as it should for being such a pleasant location to hang out. Sidebar’s decor is stylish and refined, but at night it takes on a cozier, warmer atmosphere that is so friendly and calming that you’ll forget about your problems outside. 

Every cocktail on their menu is made with the utmost care and attention, so each drink is its unique experience meticulously designed by professional bartenders. Marty Kenney and David Ladic, longtime Naples friends, have opened Sidebar 505, a three-story structure on the northeast corner of Fifth Avenue South and Fifth Street South, next door to Bluemercury, a significant beauty products business and facility. Above the building are two stories of residential units. Kenney, a well-known Marco Island entrepreneur who grew up on the island and founded local favorites such as Pelican Larry’s, Joey D’s Pizzeria, and Soul Bowls restaurants, says the duo chose the cozy 1,500 square-foot spots adjacent to Fifth Avenue South. They named their joint venture “Sidebar” because it is located on the side of the newly constructed 505 Fifth Avenue South building. 

Fifth Avenue South is an intimate community, and our neighborhood has only grown slightly. Whether exploring the world or searching for a new local hangout, the new Sidebar 505’s interior design is as robust as its beverages. Outstanding experiences are about ambiance and beautifully built locations as much as unusual mixtures. At Sidebar 505, he explains that their objective is to transfer guests to a comfortable, private setting for a moment of relaxation and escape. According to Kenney, as you enter this speakeasy-inspired cocktail lair, you’ll find a dimly lit, intimate environment packed with tufted leather couches, chairs, and banquettes that give the place a modern industrial vibe. There is plenty of space at the white onyx bar and a communal table, highlighted with cobalt blue walls, a herringbone oak floor, and a unique ceiling design.

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