Sidecar Modern Tavern

San Jose

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From Froufrou to macho, Sidecar Modern Tavern has something for everyone to enjoy. Choose an adventure: Go floral with a rosy cocktail topped with Pretty in Pink, single violet, or accept your lousy side at John Wick with a scoop on the side of the glass. The decoration seems to be going in the same direction. A dark pain accented by the unicorn pillow and the unicorn’s head mounted on the wall—an eclectic social setting with a terrace where you can share cocktails, creative tapas, and food. Sidecar Modern Tavern is a modern tavern where you can enjoy, eat and drink. The neighborhood hangout offers premium homemade cocktails and small plates with fresh local ingredients. Your facility is dedicated to providing a fun place to share food and drink while making meaningful connections. They take reservations at this bar. So, if you need to book a table or a spot, feel free to connect with the venue page. The staff wears masks for their own safety and for the safety of the patrons. The food menu at Sidecar Modern Tavern has vegan options available. So, if you’re vegan and are looking for a good bar to drink and eat at, then this is the place! They accept credit cards as a form of payment. It is safe to say that the main vibe of this bar is Classy and Casual. You can expect a moderate noise level at this venue. Feel free to dress casually when visiting this bar. It is a great place for groups and to have dinner. Their waiter service is impeccable. Street parking is available in case you need to look for parking spots. This bar provides free Wi-Fi to all its patrons. They have regular Happy Hour Specials throughout the week. If you have a dog companion with you, you can bring them inside the bar! The restrooms at their bar are gender neutral and it is open to all.

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