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Sky Blossom Bar Dallas, Guide & Review

The newest roof on the list, the Sky Blossom, does not look good, hides in a door, and climbs the elevator on Main Street in Downtown Dallas. It’s close to Campisi if you don’t get it, but once you get it, you’ll be blown away. You will feel like you are standing in buildings and high in the clouds. Your view is one of the best in town.

Sky Blossom introduces a new concept of fast food during the day and offers a great diner/lounge experience. They are inspired by the idea of ​​putting a variety of foods together to create a menu that will not only enhance the culture and cuisine of Viet Nam but spread the potential that food from all cultures can flourish together. 

Sky Blossom Rooftop, Bistro & Bar is an attractive place on the roof of Dallas, offering a great mix of authentic tasting and beautiful views. Six floors above the chaos below, the chic roof comes with an indoor lounge area and a terrace near the roof, overlooking the buildings in the city center and a sculpture of The Eye. Encouraged by the idea of ​​mixing a variety of foods together, the Sky Blossom menu comes from the Vietnamese kitchen, accompanied by a selection of ‘must-have’ colorful ‘cocktails.

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