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Slug and Lettuce Bar Sheffield, Guide & Review

Located on Holly street, Slug and Lettuce opened in Sheffield in 2019 and has attracted many customers since. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just drinks that you come in for, you will find something that you’d like here for sure! The promotional offers don’t hurt either. The dining areas are modern and stylish, and they also have birdcage booths. The atmosphere is lively and calming so that you can relax here. They have a floral decor with vines wrapped around lights over the sitting area. The ideal place for an Instagram lover!
They have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and simple menus as well. Their small dishes include wings, calamari, prawns, and fries. They also have tacos with chicken, prawn, or jackfruit filling. Their S&L burger is a hit with beef, melted cheese sticks, bbq pork, streaky bacon, and sauteed mushroom for $12.99 only. You can also add more toppings to your burgers. You can also get their subs and wraps for a lighter meal. Or, if you want a hearty dish, look into the mains section. There’s hand-battered cod and chips, a classic. Then we have tomato and basil pasta, breaded scampi, katsu curry, and sirloin steak with other yummy options too!
Their events include ‘Gorgeous, gorgeous girls x S&L,’ ‘Flirty Fridays,’ ‘Sparkling Saturdays,’ and ‘2 for 1 Cocktail’. The drinks menu includes S&L Besties, shots and bombs, perfect pairings, gin-tastic, marvelous martinis, the originals, trailblazers, fake it till you make it, vino, champagne, and prosecco. There are so many options here that the choice gets a bit difficult. They also offer ‘trees’ which include nine cocktails if you’re with a bigger party.
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