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Smokin Joes Pub Bar Sarasota, Guide & Review

Open for more than ten years now, Smokin Joes is a lowkey place that mostly just locals know of. The place does live up to its name, so it gets a bit smokey here. However non, smokers do not need to worry about that; they will still have a pretty good time here. It is an authentic bar in its essence. There is no food, fancy ingredients, or bartenders in their fancy dresses. As no food is allowed, you can smoke indoors and outdoors. They even have a cigar shop which has a wide variety for you to choose from. 

Its open Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 2 am. The atmosphere is a lot of fun here. The bartenders are easygoing and are great at their job. You will never complain about lousy service here, that’s for sure. Whatever season it may be, this is where you would want to go after work, either alone or with a bunch of friends. The whole community comes together here. Many events are happening throughout the year, like Veterans day Parades and even events sponsored by liquor companies that offer you a taste of their drinks. So you can come and celebrate at the bar, and you might get a chance to taste something great and win a prize! 

The drinks keep flowing here; whether you like beer, spirits, or cocktails, the staff will find you the best option according to your taste. Their inventory has a great selection of local and imported drinks, which their mixologists will use to get you a martini of your preference. If you want to watch a game or tournament on one of the numerous televisions spread across the wall, you can grab a cold lager and sip on it. Titos, Jager, and Fireball are the most popular orders here, and if you’re in the mood to party, order some shots.


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