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Snafu Bar New Jersey, Guide & Review

Are you searching for a great dive bar in New Jersey? Head to Snafu bar for an amazing experience. Snafu Bar is steps away from Grand Central. They offer a lively bar on the main floor, a cozy lounge in the mezzanine Level, and a fun game room. Daily specials and friendly staff make Snafu the best place for after work drinks, a place to watch the game, and hang out with friends. Nice cozy bar that is dimly lit with cool aesthetics. Awesome bar with a split level set up! There’s the main bar area, and there’s a lounging area on the upper split level to sit and talk with friends and a beer pong set up on the lower split level to hang out and have fun. Staff is also super nice and friendly too! Ask the staff to do celeb shots during beer pong and they’ll wipe the floor with the other team!

Snafu bar operates Sunday through Tuesday 11am until 2am, Wednesday through Saturday from 11am until 3am. Snafu bar features a great happy hour Sunday through Tuesday 11 until to 2 am, and Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am until 3 am; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; excellent service; wonderful ambiance; friendly, attentive and professional bartenders; awesome video games; amazingly great pool table; delicious cocktails; chill atmosphere; decent prices; awesome DJs with great music; pretty of comfy seatings; great upper seating area; a lower couch area; and cool vibe. They host large parties or corporate events in an enchanted atmosphere. Private lounge available on the mezzanine level, intimate and comfortably filled with couches, TV’s and a fireplace, popular for birthdays and corporate functions. 

Definitely worth checking out Snafu bar in New Jersey for an amazing & unforgettable experience.

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